The Beta Brothers

The Beta brothers came out of a bunch of samplists and musicians who got together in 2001, we were a little bored with Telly and Film music, so thought we would try and give it a kick start.
We knew that it wasn't going to be easy, the poor composer-sound-track-music-maker, once commissioned doesn't like to take too many risks, (It could loose them their next commission). They then are up against a film that’s nearly already in place: sync, audio atmosphere, voice over, sound effects, etc. The TV music producer has to squeeze his/her way in, making something that brings to the party but hopefully also get’s noticed in the few seconds when the edit allows the music too come up for air.. Most soundtrack music had no edge, and was content not to experiment.
We decided to take a fresh approach, with our sights set firmly between the eyes and attempted to deliver music with power, edge and distinctly off the telly wall. We set about, with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks, creating a slightly different Telly sound, but we always held a deep affection for the genres we set about trampling over. Are we succeeding? It’s for you to decide.....
We would like to thank all the TV channels, production companies, directors, editors and production managers that have allowed us to mangle their TV shows, but special thanks goes to Hugh Whitworth, Emma Reid and James Burstall for their support and encouragement at the beginning.
If you are interested in a TV music commission or TV music licensing, please contact us.
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